PTAs Serve Every Child Across America

National PTA is comprised of 54 State PTA Congresses, which include all 50 states, Washington DC, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and DoDEA schools in Europe. It is a worldwide organization that brings together parents, teachers, school administrators, and other influential members of the community to help kids succeed in school.

PTAs take pleasure in being a strong voice for all children, a useful resource for families and communities, and a strong supporter of public education. Anyone who agrees with the PTA’s objective and wants to get engaged and improve young people’s education, health, and welfare is welcome to join.


PTAs are serving 13.8 million students in the U.S. 

PTA organizes exciting, educational clubs, programs, and events for our families and raises funds to assist a school’s special needs. They participate in school and digital safety efforts, and STEM, as well as provide children with opportunities to explore the arts and build critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity. Furthermore, to build a stronger, more diverse, and inclusive school community they monitor local, state, and national legislation on a daily basis so that we may advocate for what is best for our children, families, and schools.

PTA in Infographics

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