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About us:

Formed in 1992, the Lake Poygan Sportsmen’s Club is a 501(c)3 organization that works together with state and local governmental agencies and local landowners to help protect and restore the fragile fish and wildlife habitat on Lakes Poygan and Winneconne and on the Lower Wolf River. Our members are landowners, boaters, hunters, and fishermen. Our primary focus is on habitat, which extends to all activities on the lakes.


Sportsmen working together to help maintain and restore the natural habitat in the Lake Poygan and the lower Wolf River ecosystem for all creatures that inhabit it.

Our Wishlist:

We rely on monetary and in-kind donations to keep addressing the needs of the people we serve. The necessities that you and I depend on every day are essential to the success of our organization in helping those in need. Please use the button below to donate items from our wish list if you would like to support our cause.

No matter how big or small, it is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Incredible Hearts Thank You Gift:

We truly appreciate your generosity and support! To make a monetary donation, click on the RED heart above. Our Incredible Hearts fundraiser page will be redirected to you. You’ll receive a Thank You gift in exchange for your generosity.

Many thanks again for your kindness.

Other ways to get involve:

Giving to a worthy cause with your time and money is a great way to give back to the community. There are many different ways to contribute via volunteering. Look through this list for ideas based on your preferences, accessibility, and abilities.

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Lake Poygans Sportsmans Club

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