We’re calling on all Merchant businesses!

If all adults completed secondary education, 420 million people might be lifted out of poverty, cutting the overall number of impoverished people by more than half worldwide, according to UNESCO.

Incredibly, 2.5 million kids in America are now homeless each year. The number of homeless children in the United States has nearly doubled over the past ten years.

The Department of Education estimates, that the number of homeless children and youth enrolled in schools has remained above 1 million over the past decade, and schools are struggling to meet their needs.

While there are government-funded programs, unfortunately, these funds cannot go towards all student’s daily essentials, such as food, clothing, hygiene care, and much more.

School district Homeless Liaisons rely on community support, and donated funds that are not classified as federal funds to assist with securing the needs of students. 


Donate and Gain Access to 10+ Million Customers

Supporting charities and schools can strengthen your community connection, and build morale.

All people and companies, big and small, ought to endeavor to pay it forward. Millennials are growing more outspoken and influential in their own right, and they expect their favorite businesses to do more than just talking about improving the community.

Over 80% of consumers say they will support companies that promote a cause they are passionate about. As a result, it will not only benefit your company’s PR, but it will also significantly improve the lives of others by assisting in their recovery from adversity.

We’re calling on ALL community merchant 

businesses to join our efforts and help homeless students succeed! Incredible Hearts has partnered with the largest discount private network with over 1 million in-store locations offering discounts of 10-50% in virtually every U.S. market. Integrate charitable contributions into your brand.

Donate $250 or more to a school district and we’ll use our connections with more than 300 membership-based organizations to attract new customers, improve foot traffic, and raise average spending in almost every market you serve. Give your company/brand a leg up on the tens of millions of customers in the Incredible Hearts affinity network. Through our connections to more than 300 membership-based organizations, you may reach new customers, improve foot traffic, and raise average spending in practically every market you serve, including:

Nonprofits & Charities | Academic Institutions & Alumni | Membership Associations | PTA & PTO Associations | Vacationers & Travel Clubs | Employers & Employees | And More!

Getting started is simple for businesses that qualify.

We will promote your business to our select network of clients via our members-only website, mobile apps, email, and other channels.

Simply complete a merchant enrollment form, tell us about your company, and collaborate with our marketing team to develop a compelling, traffic-generating offer.

Our team will be on hand to assist you with developing your plan and maximizing the impact of your marketing on our membership base right away.

All you have to do is show up, honor your discounts, and conduct business as usual.


To see if you qualify click on the three to the right to view our merchant requirements.

Certain merchants may be prohibited from participation. Exceptions to the requirements will only be considered for pre-approved merchants that have been cleared by our partner Marketing Committee.

Simply complete the merchant enrollment form below; provide us with details about your business, and work with our marketing team to create an eye-catching, traffic-driving offer. From there, we get to work promoting your business to our private network of customers on our members-only website, via mobile devices, in email, etc.

By donating to a school, any company whose goods or services match our requirements will have access to our network. All you have to do is show up, honor your offer, and be amazing — as only your business can be. 

Changing the outcome for the better in a child’s life will earn you more than any bank account can hold!

Investment in education has a cascading impact that benefits families, communities, towns, cities, states, and ultimately economies by increasing employability, incomes, and stability.


Once we receive your enrollment form an Incredible Heart representative will be in touch.  If you have questions or would like to speak to someone before filling out the form, give us a call @ 800.234.5444.